Library Holdings Catalog Now Available on Website

Jo Zurwell September 20, 2022

Everyone has been so patient as we worked out all the programming bugs for the new section of our website.  The day has finally arrived when I can announce Phase I of the Library Holdings Project is now ready to use!

The Holdings Catalog search engine will replace our card catalog in the library, it lists all the books, repertories, family histories, and microfilm/fiche that are found in the library. When a search is done all possible results from our holdings will be displayed, however not all results will be viewable online. If the “format” is “PDF” the book is viewable online, “Dload” it may be purchased in the sales catalog, and all other formats may only be viewed in the library.

Phase I of this project will have almost 400 books that will be viewable.  We have the repertories from the following states available with this release; RI, VT, and some of MA, and NH.  More books will be available as we finish each state and have them uploaded to the website.  Recommended to start the search wide and then narrow down, start with a state, and then work to the smaller subgroups to find the resources needed.

Once a book is selected and the PDF is opened, you can scroll up and down in the book like you would when looking at the book in the library.  An added benefit is that a search can also be done for names with books that ACGS has produced, it can be tried for other books, but not sure if that will always work.  Simply click on the magnifying glass on the top right side of the PDF window and enter the name or place.

We hope that our members find this resource as valuable as we believe it to be.  Please let us know if you find any problems with the Holdings Catalog at [email protected].



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