American-Canadian Genealogist

The American-Canadian Genealogist is the official journal of the American-Canadian Genealogical Society and a major benefit of membership in our society. Regular segments include messages from the President and the Editor, Book Reviews, From Other Publications, Queries, New Members, and Étoile d’Acadie. The journal is intended to be informative, educational, and your link to the past. The focus of articles is on Acadian, French-Canadian and Franco-American family history and genealogy – it would be difficult to have one without the other. Because of the diversity of our readership, we try to include articles about Québec and Acadia and the migration of these people from all of French Canada and Acadia into New England, New York and any other area in North America where descendants of New France settled.



The features in the Genealogist include the history of France, New France and Canada, how-to articles, and some pieces from other publications. If there is an article in French that we feel is of educational value to our members, we will make every effort to get permission to have a translation made and print it in both languages. We try to provide background on the lives of our ancestors by opening doors to the past.

All members are encouraged to submit articles for publication. Kindly keep in mind that our distribution is over 1,500 journals. The readership could be ten times as much when you consider the number of libraries and genealogical societies that have our journal on their shelves. We have members in all 50 of the United States; and six of the 10 provinces of Canada.

The editor and the editorial board are committed to fostering and maintaining the integrity of this world-class journal. It is the editorial board’s goal to maintain this level of quality and to incorporate useful information for the ever-changing needs of the membership. If you have an idea for an article, or an article that you have already written, please send it to the Society on CD, or e-mail it to .

If you are submitting an article that has been published in another genealogical journal or on a Web site, please give the particulars so we can give credit to the first publication. If you are submitting the same article to several publications at the same time, please let me know. We try to avoid duplication of effort. Conversely, if you give permission to other journals to publish one of your articles that has appeared in the Genealogist, kindly ask them to mention our journal as the first publisher. Permission to reprint your article is yours to give, not the editor’s.


To submit a query or an answer to a query for the journal, please contact