The Research Department

Contact the Research Department At:

      American-Canadian Genealogical Society
      PO Box 6478
      Manchester, NH 03108-6478
      Tel 603-622-1554

(Please send general requests and questions to


The Research Department of the American-Canadian Genealogical Society is made up of members who volunteer their time and talent to do genealogical research for other members. A fee is charged for this service to provide funds for the acquisition of additional resources.

Canadian Resources

Drouin microfilm collection comprised of:

  • Baptisms, marriages & burial records for the entire province of Québec
  • The above information for areas of Ontario and the Maritimes known to be predominantly French Canadian.
  • Notarial Acts e.g. Marriage contracts, wills, deeds and other legal documents

We also have a vast collection of Catholic Church records indexed in répertoires, for the provinces of Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Limited resources are available for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We are acquiring new répertoires of baptisms and burials along with a number of Protestant Church records. Our Acadian materials are also growing rapidly.

United States Records

We have extensive records of marriages from churches of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont as well as a few records of the Midwestern United States, Illinois and Pacific Northwest. We also have CD collections such as; PRDH, Family Tree Maker, Maine marriages (limited years).


On film, we have vital records of New Hampshire to 1900; Vermont, 1760 to 1908; Massachusetts marriages and births, 1840-1905; the Loiselle file of Québécois marriages; the Moncton (Archdiocese) file, which contains church records of Westmorland and Kent Counties, New Brunswick; and church records of Charlevoix County, Québec to 1908.

Other Reference Materials

Tanguay’s Dictionnaire généalogique des familles Canadiennes; Drouin’s Dictionnaire national des Canadiens-français and Répertoire alphabétique des mariages des Canadiens-français, 1760-1935; Petit Drouin, Jetté’s Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec, Arsenault’s Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens, Bergeron’s Le grand arrangement des Acadiens au Québec and Stephen White’s Dictionnaire généalogique des familles Acadiennes.

How to Request a Search

    1. Using the standard 4-generation pedigree chart provided, give us as much information as possible to help us get started. Indicate clearly the one line to be searched. Include name of both parents and dates of birth, marriage and death if known.
    2. Please list sources for all known information and include copies of documents you may have.
    3. Mail your request to the address above.
    4. Allow 4-6 weeks for a reply; allow more time when difficult lines are involved.

If you are a member, always include your member number.

Fee Schedule

The following fees apply to research requests. We now offer the choice of primary sources from our Drouin Collection at an additional cost. These are images of the actual recording of the event when it occurred including, in some cases, the signatures of our ancestors (if they knew how to sign).

Copies of all references used to trace your line are included with your research package.

ACGS Member – Please include your membership number.

A direct line – One surname to France, secondary sources only $35.00
For primary sources, add $20.00

If we are unable to trace the line back to France, our fee is $10/marriage in any case.


A direct line – One surname to France, secondary sources only $55.00
For primary sources, add $20.00

If we are unable to trace the line back to France, our fee is $20/marriage in any case.

Note: There is a $10.00 minimum fee (members/$20.00 non-members) for any research undertaken, whether successful or not. Please understand that a substantial amount of time is invested in any research undertaken.

No research will begin without an authorization by credit card or advance payment. Client will be notified when the charge is made.

Single Events – Primary Sources from our Drouin Collection

Single event requests can also be submitted to the Research Department at the above e-mail address. Please include spouse and parents and location if known. Requests sent to the Research Department will carry the single event fee as described above. Be sure to include your membership number.


$10.00 per event/member (a birth, marriage & death request = $30)
$20.00 per event/non-member

When date, place & names are furnished and all we have to do is make a copy: (include the information below for each event)

$2 per event when requesting 1 – 10 events for members
$1 per event when requesting over 10 events for members
$5 per event when requesting 1 – 10 events for non-members
$3 per event when requesting over 10 events for non-members


Translation $10.00 per manuscript

Please provide the following data for each copy of a Drouin record requested:

* Date of Event:____________________

* Location of Event: ____________________ County: __________________

* Source where data was found:__________________________________________

* Type of request: __ Baptism __ Marriage __ Burial __ Act

* Name of person in the event:__________________________________________

* Do you want this event translated: __ Yes __ No ($10.00 per manuscript)

* Additional information:_______________________________________________

All asterisk (*) fields are required

Please select __ paper copy or __ images on CD for an additional $1.

Images on CD are in jpeg format and can be cropped, printed and imported into most popular genealogy software programs.